Academic Rules & Regulations

A high standard of decency and discipline is expected from students. All who seek admission to BIHE must understand and be very clear in their minds that the Institute demands a high standard of behavior from them in their manners, demeanor, speech and action. They are expected to be pleasant, soft spoken, neatly and smartly dressed when they attend classes and at all other times when they interact with any person in or outside the campus.

Disorderly behavior during examinations as well as in other situations may result in irrevocable dismissal from the Institute. Disciplinary Committee consisting of senior faculty decides all discipline related issues and awards appropriate punishment including fine, suspension from classes, etc. apart from dismissal and rustication from the Institution.

  • • All students of the Institute shall conform to the Rules and Regulations of the Institute and are under overall disciplinary control of the Chancellor.
  • • Breach of rules, misconduct, irregularity in time keeping, idleness, lack or un-reasonable progress in studies etc., will render a student liable to disciplinary action including expulsion or rustication from the Institute. In this regard, the Chancellor is the sole and final authority.
  • • Students who abstain themselves (for seven days at a stretch without notice) either from lectures or from laboratory work will not be allowed to resume their study until satisfactory explanation is submitted and accepted.
  • • A student desirous of leaving the Institute must apply in writing and such application must be countersigned by the student’s parent or guardian. Admission once cancelled shall not be restored.
  • • Students are strictly forbidden from forwarding applications, appeals or any other communication direct to any authority other than the Head. Any contravention of this rule shall make the student liable for disciplinary action.
  • • Students may be permitted to form or carry on only such associations or clubs as are provided under the Rules. Such associations or clubs must be open for membership regardless of religion, community or political opinion. In no circumstances will any association, the object or membership of which is directly or indirectly sectarian, ethnic or political, be permitted. No member of the association or club can invite any outsider in Institute without prior permission in writing from the vice chancellor.
  • • No functions are permitted to be held by the students in the Institute without prior permission in writing from the Chancellor.
  • • The following among others, shall constitute acts of indiscipline for which action may be taken against the student or students:
  • • Involvement in any political/ ethnic/religious disputes within Institute premises.
  • • Creating law and order situation in the Institute premises.
  • • Threatening /pressurizing faculty members and/or officers of the Institute inside or outside the Institute premises.
  • • Damaging or destroying Institute property.
  • • Teasing or harassing or molesting of students inside or outside Campus especially the opposite gender.
  • • Creating disturbances in class rooms/ laboratories
  • • Attempting to bring any external pressures for passing examinations, exemption from attendance or any other purpose.

Leave of Absence

Under exceptional circumstances, students may apply for leave of absence to the Head of the Department who may sanction such leave for short periods but the grant of such leave will not be acceptable as a plea for not putting in 75% of the attendance which is a pre-requisite for being eligible to appear in the examinations.

No student is eligible to sit for the Examination unless he/she has at least 75% attendance at the Theory, Laboratory and Practical classes.

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