BIHE offers a “Haji Nadir” Scholarship for female, which offers 150 scholarships of 30% tuition fee. BIHE also offers “Haji Nadir” scholarship for male students, which offers 250 scholarships of 25% tuition fee in each semester.

Funds for these scholarships are provided by Haji- Nadir Noorzai and other donations from organizations (such as Furkhunda Trust Scholarship). On Dissolution of funds institute have alternate sources for the budge and scholarships awards, these are IT related projects, research etc.

BIHE offer Furthunda Trust scholarships for the students, he/she must meet specific expectations and conditions, including:

  • 1. Applicant must pass pre-admission test (Kankoor) of BIHE on merit base.
  • 2. Applicant must attend and pass essay writing test.
  • 3. Applicants must maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout their program (minimum of 70% or 2.0 SGPA in each semester)
  • 4. Applicants must successfully complete a minimum of 34 semester’s credits per year
  • 4. Scholarship amount doesn’t apply to repeated courses
  • 4. Scholarship does not apply to dual degrees or other scholarship offered by BIHE.

Following scholarship awards included in Furkhunda Trust scholarships.

  • 1. Full tuition fee for the eight semesters.
  • 2. Laptop computer for each scholar.

Refund of Tuition Fee on Withdrawal

Refund of Tuition Fee on Withdrawal A student who registers and decides not to attend the semester / course for any reason whatsoever, or chooses to withdraw during the semester must inform the Academic Administration office in writing that he / she is discontinuing the studies.

Students discontinuing their studies without written intimation are not eligible for financial adjustment.

The date on which vice chancellor receives the written intimation & determines the amount of Tuition fee to be refunded. Fees other than the Tuition fee are not refundable. Students who are rusticated, suspended or expelled from BIHE on account of a disciplinary action against them are not eligible for any refund of fee at any time.

Tuition Fee Refund Schedule is as under:

  • 1. During 1st week ............... 80%
  • 2. During 2nd week ............... 70%
  • 3. During 3rd week ............... 60%
  • 4. During 4th week ............... 50%

No refund after 4th week of semester.

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