Student Affairs

Student Affairs Office is an integral component of student life on campus. It is a division of service and support to enhance student growth and development. In other words, it is a helpful friend of students even before they are admitted to BIHE as freshmen and sustains that relationship even after graduation as alumni of BIHE.

Its service areas include, amongst, others:

  • • Admissions, all relevant information and advice.
  • • Student financial aid and scholarships
  • • Academic advising and counseling (in coordination with faculty advisors)
  • • Sports and other enrichment activities
  • • Alumni services (in coordination with Director, Industrial Liaison & Placement Bureau)

Student Advisors

Students joining degree courses are assigned 'Advisors' who are members of the faculty. Normally, these appointments/meetings take place throughout the entire period of student's stay at BIHE unless a change becomes necessary due to departure of the faculty member or for balancing the Advisor's load.

Institute Address:

District-6, Near Sera Jama, New city, Kandahar, Afghanistan

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